Meirelles IPC has a large national and international portfolio of clients about ​​intellectual property.

Our trademark registration sector is national and international. In this area, our main services are in the searches of prior brands, trademark registration application and their subsequent assistance, as well as a specialized tracking sector to monitor possible collisions against our clients’ brands.

We also work in the field of art to manage and protect copyright as literary works, musical works, audiovisual works, photographic works, works of art in general, architectural projects, among others.

One of our focus is to protect innovation. That’s why we have a staff of skilled professionals to carry out searches of national and international prior brands, elaboration, filing and tracking trademark applications for patents grant for invention and utility models, as well as applications for registration of industrial designs, software, geographical indications, among other modalities.

Featured Activities:    

Trademark Registration

Trademark rights can only be obtained through registration before the competent agencies. In Brazil, INPI – National Institute of Industrial Property – is the responsible agency for trademark registration. MEIRELLES IPC has an outstanding national and international performance in trademark registrations in the following areas:

– search in prior brand in Brazil and abroad;

– trademark registrations in Brazil and abroad;

– monitoring sector of colliding brands (skilled professionals and software);

– monitoring registration procedures and execution of all related acts (opposition, demonstrations to the opposition, ownership transfers, appeals, expirations etc.)

Patent Resgistration

– search in prior brand worldwide;

– reports on registered technologies or in the public domain;

– registration of invention patents and utility models in Brazil and abroad;

– monitoring applications for registration of invention patents and utility models in Brazil and abroad;

Industrial Design Registration

– search in national and international patent banks;

– designs registered reports or in the public domain;

– industrial designs registration in Brazil and abroad;

– monitoring applications for industrial design registrations in Brazil and abroad;


The artistic, scientific and intellectual expression, which materializes under most forms, is entitled due to legal protection.

The Brazilian Copyright Law (Law 9.610 / 98), in its article 7, lists those main types of protected works.


Copyright registration, despite optional, is the most secure and effective measure to guarantee the fullness and enjoyment of management rights derived from the economic exploitation of intellectual works.

Moreover, the copyright registration allows to adopt immediate measures aimed at protecting the author’s moral rights.

Our team is prepared to work in registering and managing of copyrights derived from those various forms of artistic expression nationally or internationally.


Computer programs find specific protection in Brazilian Law both in the Law of Copyright, Law 9.610 / 98, and in the Law of Software, Law 9.609 / 98.

Despite optional, registering a software is extremely important and advisable, and ought to be filled before the National Institute of Industrial Property – INPI.

In order to provide the most adequate protection to computer programs, MEIRELLES IPC have skilled professionals who have high experience in the protection of this type of intellectual work.

Image and privacy law

The more the website expands the more the website has made people and institutions be more overexposure. Untruthful facts, facts of privacy or confidential facts may be the target of evildoers, who may generate misfortune, suffering and losses.

The misuse of public people’s, companies’ or institutions’ images is unfortunately something commonly spread on the web.

MEIRELLES IPC deal with effective articulation between the webseeker team, who is responsible for managing and promoting the procedures of network scanning, the permanent support of the legal sector specializing in Personality Rights, Civil Procedure, Criminal Law and Electronic Law.

Moreover, our professionals usually participate in technological research, institutional activities, training courses, aiming at the best understanding from dynamics of the electronic world and the regulatory mark and civil of the Internet.

Domain Name

The national and international protection of domain names is one of the fundamental strategies of entrepreneurship and business expansion. MEIRELLES IPC work in the registration of domain names in Brazil and abroad.

Technology Transfer: Franchising and Licensing

Business expansion through licensing or franchising intends to boost competitiveness on the world stage.

Our professionals have advanced knowledge in the elaboration and registration of licensing agreements and franchises, including franchise offer report, franchise manuals, and provide complete advice in the area.

Industrial Secrets

Industrial secrets are intellectual creations as important as invention patents and utility models. They can be also called secret business or know-how. There is a secret know-how that has a high competitive value and can be the subject of transactions.

These intellectual property rights are protected by a factual situation, that is, the secret. Thus, as long as they are kept as a secret, this information belongs exclusively to its owner.

Global companies, like the giants of the chemical industry, adopt industrial secrets as capable strategies to guarantee they are exclusive in the market. To do so, these companies direct resources, practices and training in management methods and which are capable of avoiding the unwanted leakage know-how through unfair competition behavior.

MEIRELLES IPC have been succeeded in several cases of attempted breach of industrial secrets, which enables them to offer their clients consulting, training, intelligence and counterintelligence activities, litigation, confidentiality and technology transfer.

Litigation in Intellectual Property Matters


Acts of piracy or acts of unfair competition depend on judicial resolution in some cases. Therefore, it becomes fundamental a multidisciplinary team, formed by experienced lawyers, intelligence technicians and expert technicians.

Meirelles IPC have a process control structure close to the procedural innovations of electronic process systems, such as e-proc, e-saj, projud, and handles in all legal spheres, from the Court of First Instance, Court of Appeal and High Court, covering issues throughout the national territory.

Meirelles IPC have achieved very high success rates in the causes they support (trademark protection, patent and industrial designs, lawsuits to protect know-how, civil proceedings against infringements against image rights, copyright and misuse of software, among others) through search and seizure warrant of counterfeit products, either through the collection of indemnities in favor of our customers, or through the issuance of orders for immediate illegal activities interruption.

Meirelles IPC also advise their clients in international litigation through international agreements and alliances.