When a specialized team conducts internet research and use appropriate software, they enable to identify illegal and responsible practices, as well as the valid legal evidence formation for the appropriate judicial / criminal measures adoption.

Included analysis

Violations of privacy, image damage, threats, improper use / sharing of copyright, software, fraud, offer of counterfeit products among others.

Reviews included

– detecting of illegal offers on AUCTION SITES – illegal offers on auction sites;

– detecting of illegal offers on e-commerce sites;

– detecting of illegal postings or offers in social media;

– detecting practices of login and password apportionment of exclusive content through social networks;

– detecting phishing practices – improper acquisition of third-party passwords;

– detecting links to access illegal content in web search engines.

Illegal content removal from the internet

The content removal is carried out both in out-of-court settlement and through legal measures, as the case may suggest. An out-of-court 

settlement is an agile, dynamic and large-scale procedure to prevent access and proliferation of illegal content postings and offers.

On the other hand, the legal exoneration, which is equally agile, is indicated for cases in which, in addition to the content removal, criminal or pecuniary liability of the violator is necessary.

Referred situation

Massive counterfeit goods offers, fake offers, defamatory postings, content that infringes privacy rights and image rights, web piracy cases in general.

Included services

– removal of illegal internet domain;

– removal of illegal offers;

– removal of illegal postings in social media;

– legal actions for compensation;

– stoppage lawsuits order of illegal activity;

– phishing practices removal – improper acquisition of third-party passwords;

– links removal to access illegal content in web search engines.