Our team conducts research of a high technical level. As a result, our customers have considerably reduced exposure to risks and losses due to unlawful practices by unfair competitors.

Intellectual Property Research

The protection of Intellectual Property is a strategic measure in the global market, and it is necessary for the maintenance of markets and business expansion. MEIRELLES IPC develop strategies and investigative techniques aimed at the protection of trademarks and other intellectual assets through the identification of manufacturers, importers, distributors, and other illegal agents, as well as obtaining a range of enough evidence under the pertinent legal measures.

Assets tracking

Identifying and tracking assets guaranteeing of compliance with obligations and / or debts is a very important measure in the market. MEIRELLES IPC own sophisticated tools and advanced techniques for tracking and recovering assets, whether owned by individuals or companies, such as:

– intellectual assets;

– companies, corporations, business associations;

– properties;

– vehicles, boats, airplanes;

– bank accounts;

– rights and shares;

Repute consultation

DUE DILIGENCE – REPUTATION CHECK – acquiring information (knowledge) is a fundamental strategic action for the improvement of corporate and personal decisions in a global world.

Meirelles IPC have a team of skilled professionals in obtaining public and private information related to individuals and / or companies, in order to enable their clients to improve their decisions, such as: procedures for business, partners, business partners; corporate interest; investments; hiring of employees etc.

Fraud Investigation

There are many kinds of fraud covering an extensive range. It is about financial fraud, fraud against insurance companies, corporate fraud, fraud against health systems etc.

MEIRELLES IPC staff have a variety of techniques and tools to deal with these problems, such as: auditing tax books, interviews, on-the-spot checks, online investigations, investigations into individuals’ behavior, public registry etc., in order to identify and relate all variables, relevant information and evidence to the suspected fraud detected.

Tradeshows and event monitoring

Holding tradeshows and events attracts high capital and makes use of great value in business.

Herein, dishonest third parties often adopt unfair strategies for improperly earning revenue. Illegal sales are usually made and counterfeit and / or illegal ticket are sold, ambush marketing is practiced, established regulations are disrespected, making them unfair strategies used by third parties to improperly obtain revenue during tradeshows and events.

MEIRELLES IPC have extensive experience in surveillance and intelligence activities in medium and large events and tradeshows, and a skilled staff that is able to work anywhere in the country, as well as online.