Disputing over market space can lead to overcoming ethics and commercial good faith. There are numerous unfair competition tactics and piracies, which cause substantial damage and injuries to the entrepreneur. In this regard, national and international companies are often attacked by unfair competition deeds and piracy in their several ways:

– counterfeiting trademarks;

– undue use of software;

– undue use of copyright;

– undue use of image rights;

– smuggling;

– embezzlement;

– evasion and tax avoidance – (under invoicing, tax misappropriation);

– Industrial espionage – subtraction of industrial secrets – know-how.

Such practices results in large economic losses to national and international corporations, such as the decrease of market share and the value of intellectual assets (brands, inventions, patents, creations etc.), fundamental to the sustainability / expansion of business activity.

MEIRELLES IPC, who have a skilled department, advise companies, sectors, and entities, which are interested in protecting themselves from counterfeiting, piracy, and unfair competition practices:

– preventing consultancy services;

– preparing a competitive protection plan;

– providing legal actions and legal measures against unfair competitors;


Featured Strategies:

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Combating Piracy and Unfair Competition

– intelligence activities (research and online monitoring); click here to learn more.

– institutional activity and activity of representativeness; IMEPPI

Adoption of legal, civil and criminal measures: search and seizure of counterfeit products; actions to repair damage; judicial measures against illegalities committed via web; measures to protect image rights and rights to privacy and intimacy; monitoring anti-piracy criminal measures; brand protection measures.

Intangible assets recovery

Our killed professionals have experience in managing and charging royalties, compensation, use and exploitation of image rights, copyrights, software, among other intellectual rights.


In an increasingly transparent and complex business environment, fulfillment of the regulatory mark and ethical standards have become crucial issues for the practice of corporate governance, which generates credibility and risk mitigation.

MEIRELLES IPC have extensive experience in adopting strategies and actions aimed at identifying corporate practices in disregard of compliance rules, and structuring solutions and measures required to mitigate those risks arising.

Courses, lectures and workshops

MEIRELLES IPC act as an institution in the organization and participate in seminars, training courses, lectures, workshops aimed at training institutions and government enforcement agents, as well as in the discussion of problems arising from piracy and unfair competition, addressing legislation improvement, foment of repressive activity and audit, and awareness of society at all levels.